Power Management Service in Kirchdorf

Posted by Peter on December 21, 2011 under efficiency gains, GUI, prototype | Be the First to Comment

In cooperation with eSYS, FH Hagenberg and FTW, the BBS Kirchdorf was provided with several hardware and software services that measure and control the power consumption of computer rooms. In particular, Smart Meters were installed in three computer rooms and on hallways of the school which measure the overall power consumption of the computers and the light installation. Combined with a power management service from eSYS, this creates an opportunity to optimize the power consumption by remotely shutting down or suspending idle computers.

An Android based mobile client was implemented to provide a graphical user interface for the power management service. With this client all functionality provided by the service can easily be used to potentially reduce energy consumption. The software can be installed on any Android powered smart phone and is designed to be used without any prior knowledge about Android – so everyone should be able to use it. The design of the application is shown in the figure below.

Further research will explore how such a power management service can be used efficiently in a school context.