Linked Data on renewable energy & energy efficiency

Posted by Tassilo Pellegrini on October 5, 2011 under efficiency gains, linked data, platforms & interest groups | Be the First to Comment

The search engine has released a SPARQL endpoint to offer linked open data on renewable energy & energy efficiency. A recent blog post states it as follows:

Following the worldwide trend of Open Government Data as well as Linked (Open) Data, REEEP launched in cooperation with our implementation partner “Semantic Web Company” the new reegle data portal today. On you now can find data on stakeholders in the clean energy area as well as (energy) country profiles. This is just the first step, currently we are working on providing all data of reegle’s renewable energy and energy efficiency thesaurus for public re-use and we are plannign to continuously open up and provide more and more clean energy data on The idea of providing raw data (first mentioned by Sir Tim Berners Lee in the course of the W3C LinkedData movement) for free and unrestricted re-use perfectly fits into reegle’s idea and objectives to act as a single point of access for worldwide clean energy data (renewable energy as well as energy efficiency).

[...] follows W3C standards and recommendations for Linked Open Data as well as Open Government Data, and is implemented under the the Open Government Data License for public sector information licence.

For developers we have created a comprehensive developer guide as well as a SPARQL endpoint as the central API to the data.

As the field of Linked Open Data / Open Government Data (Linked Government Data) is very innovative we would like to ask you for your feedback on – please let us know what is useful for you and what could be useful in the future as well as if you have any problems with the system and / or any suggestions for optimisation!
Many thanks in advance!

We do hope that initiates a lot of new (data) mash ups as well as innovative apps using and also people that re-use the provided data for their daily work in the clean energy business!