3rd project meeting in Linz, Austria

Posted by Tassilo Pellegrini on March 5, 2010 under prototype | Be the First to Comment

From March 4 – 5, 2010 the consortium met for the third time at the Marriott Hotel in Linz / Austria.

On the first day we started off with a brief update about the efforts since the last meeting.  Slobodanka and Vikash from FTW gave an update on the policy modelling module which will be based on OWL using a Pellet reasoner to execute the inferences. The two Vladimirs from E-Smart presented the database model for the collected sensor data and the new GUI of the Zigbee configuration tool. Mirna from E-Smart gave an impressive talk on tarif modells in the electricity market and a rough ontological model to couple electricity consumption to procinbg information.  The major part of the day was dedicated to hands on sessions in advancing the smart metering infrastructure. eSYS, E-Smart and EZAN finally managed to get the virtual machine running on the UCB and are now working on the direct execution of semantic codes within the JVM running on the Gibraltar hardware appliances.

The second day started off with invited presentations from Andreas Langegger from the University of Vienna and Erwin Mayer and Günter Rosenauer from Energie AG. Andreas gave a lightining talk on the current state of the Semantic Web and its potential benefits for managing energy data. Günter Rosenauer from Energie AG presented first results from their running project AMIS, a testbed of 15.000 smart meters being operated in Upper Austria. Erwin Mayer gave a talk about the electricity trading market and the variance in electricity value during a day. The afternoon session was dedicated to lots of hands on practice advancing on integration issues for the demonstrator that will be available be June.

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