SESAME’s GreenHomeChallenge – play it now on Facebook!

Posted by anna on December 30, 2009 under prototype | Be the First to Comment

Michael Schwanzer, our Master thesis student at FTW and Technikum Wien, has been developing a GreenHomeChallenge game on Facebook:

It is an interactive real-time game which you can play with friends and other people competing on whose virtual home is more energy efficient (in particular, creating, sharing and applying smart policies)!

You are kindly invited to play yourself, send feedback, and spread a word about the game to your “friends”.

2nd project meeting in Belgrade, Serbia

Posted by Tassilo Pellegrini on December 28, 2009 under miscellaneous | Be the First to Comment

2nd-meetingFrom December 17 – 18, 2009 we held our second project meeting in Belgrade. Frosty weather made our trip quite adventerous but did not hinder usĀ  to make some big conceptual leaps in our project goals (For details please refer to the post on the SeSaMe architecture.)

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